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in the year 2025 the world ended for writer's cramp
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In the year 2025
The world as we knew it
Came to an end.

Civilization fell apart
As viral weapon
Truly escaped from a lab.

The virus dubbed
The COVID Zombie Flu
Attacked people’s higher learning functions

Making people unable to read or write
The zombie flu turned most people
Into predator animals.

Attacking everyone they met
They quickly became neo-savage
Stone age cannibalistic gangs.
Competing with the newly energized
Wild animals in attacking terrified humans.

Not remembering or comprehending
Anything from the ancient world
Only a few writers and poets were immune
They gathered together,
In a few university towns
Trying to keep the spark of learning alive.

Fortunately for humanity
The virus’s effects
Did not transmit
To the younger generation.

And no one could figure out
How to launch a nuclear war
Of any large-scale military action.

And over time
People gradually regained
The ability to read and write,

But by that time, it was too late
The new dark ages had begun
As modern civilization
Faded into ancient history.

What would happen if people could no longer read or write? What if the words no longer formed into those beautiful patterns in their minds. How would they compensate? Revert to a hunter/gatherer or barter society? How creative is mankind?

Write a short story or poem about a writer in a society unable to learn how to read or writing.

Make one of the genre relationship.

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