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In memory of my sweet sister, who took her life last week

The shy and humble little girl
That stumbled and stammered through her pain
Was adorned with flowing long red hair
That danced on her like orange flame

Yet, greater fire lay within
This joyful, boistrous lady fair
For in her did beat a heart so large
That burned with passion, and with care

Like a furnace consuming all around
With compassion, and kindly ways
She warmed the souls of those she knew and met
And brightened up their darkest days

Kindness and cheer were her career
Her heart wide open and on display
A beacon of mercy in this cold world
Living love from day to day

But even love's great flame is doused
By the coldest of life's strong winds
A hurricane of pain and loss
Slowly extinguished her fire within

And now I stand here in this cascade
Of tears that fall like autumn rain
In a world that feels much colder now
Without her warmth to soothe the pain

And though THIS heart is broken now
And it's embers fade in the chill outdoors
I wait and long for the precious day
When her gentle flame will ignite once more
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