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A blissful heaven for many strong families of cool union and partnership - a poem.
Together, they’re often humbled -
Vicariously, still huddled;
Issues, why they stumbled.
Tuesday’s, they rarely cuddled.
A young family could be enthralled.
May uniformly have vaulted.
A lethargy has just stalled -
And successful feats exalted! 

When the situation’s timing
Calms and they’re all primed,
Their gorgeous pulse seen climbing;
And Daddy’s beer is limed…
Mommy’s jobs pop up enlightened -
Goals are seventy-seven in stride;
Budgets, use of energy, tightened -
Papa, kids - by Mom’s huge side.

No one’s clearer than sister, brother,
Cause no train wrecks, inner, outer -
All the boys, construed like no other;
Mostly, daughters, beyond a doubter!
Age to take the majority of tasks.
Accolades collected, they basked.
Doing what each parent asks.
The greatness of these kids unmasked…

The coolest vacay leads toward tummies,
Sights and sounds are all up-thumbs -
No more school and work, like dummies,
Such sweet times for healthy sums!
Need to credit the groups’ neat clout.
Expend the energy, focus they touted.
When they ordain, they must fly out -
A brand new journey, joyfully routed…

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