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by Kaylen
Rated: E · Poetry · Teen · #2292490
Moving, realizing who is there for you and not. Struggling with the feeling of regret.
You don't care, do you?
You say that you're there, but you really aren't
I try to tell you about my life, how it's busy falling apart.
You change the subject back to you, telling me all about what you're going through.
It's like i'm just there, someone you can always run to.
But i'm just talking to myself, I probably look dumb through your point of view, I don't know how one can be so screwed.

I'm not doing good but you wouldn't really know because you never care to ask...
would you even notice if it was me you're walking past?
I want to let go, but it's hard, still holding on to the past.

I'm trying to pick myself up piece by piece but it's this place, I don't feel at peace.
They say life at my age should be a piece of cake but I don't even like cake, I don't like how it taste.

My heart is beating at an abnormal pace, it's almost like it's trying to win a race
it could be with my mind, playing all these games, try telling me i'm fine but i'm not, all I want to do is feel okay
but it's difficult, my heart doesn't feel safe, it wants to go back to it's home town place.

I want to listen one more time, even though I know, it's always going to end with a goodbye.
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