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"Sumer is icumen in"
It was the first day of spring, and the village was alive with activity. The air was filled with the sound of laughter and the aroma of fresh flowers. The villagers had been waiting for this day for months, and they celebrated it with great joy.

As the sun began to set, a group of children gathered around the village bard. He had his lute with him and began to strum a tune that was familiar to all.

"Sumer is icumen in," he sang, and the children joined in. They had learned the song in school and sang it with gusto.

The adults joined in too, and soon the whole village was singing the song. They danced around a bonfire, and the fire's light illuminated their faces with a warm glow.

As the night wore on, the villagers grew tired, and one by one, they retired to their homes. But the song stayed in their hearts, and they knew that the coming months would be filled with happiness and prosperity.
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