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Bring on the truth - boats are meant for a captain’s leadership and crew - a poem.
Christened like a prodigious ship
On its maiden voyage,
The vast and hemorrhaging vessel
Seeks a novel reunion;
A melodious and cresting sauntering
Toward a brilliant identity;
A crucial value known
As a heart-sewn, rising turnabout of duty -
The actual artisans
Pushed to the brink
Of a desultory desecration
If positivity is crushed
By the Creator’s minimal
And massive ambulance rides…

But close to the requisite beard
Of bawdiness is the baseline -
The brooding bastion of vagueness
Known as humor;
The cliff that houses
The victimized timepieces
Of a nurtured resilience…

A temple of serenity, the harbor’s beacon,
For which a stampede is a mindless
And temporal summit - both in stature and soul -
To the money-making musings
Of a scary, glittering martyrdom -
The mellifluent mentality
Of a host’s healing
And hurtfully biting cool!
And the haunting tides
Of a murderous, coherent
Ebb and flow…

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