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in this Glitchtale story Betty stumbles across Muffet's bakery and ends up gorging herself
it was a bright and sunny day for our pink haired protagonist, the sun was shining, Akumu was in Betty's hair relaxing, and Betty was in need of something to do, slowly she walked over to a pink and purple bakery with a piece of paper plastered on the window reading "taste tester wanted!" and subtext saying "volunteers optional"

"that's interesting, when do I go?" Betty asked herself, looking closer at the paper.

lucky for Betty it was the very same day, Betty knocked on the door and a tall spider woman came out with a plate of cookies in hand, inviting Betty in she introduced herself as Muffet, owner of the business, Betty walked into the backroom and sat herself on an empty crate with Muffet's face on it, looking to the spokeswoman who brought over a slice of cake on a plate, and it was a big slice, nearly a fourth of the whole cake, it was smothered in chocolate and icing. Betty looked to the cake and back to Muffet before saying "do I use a fork or something?"

"nonsense! I want to see someone eat this like a child would," Muffet said, placing the cake on Betty's lap.

"so, with my hands?" Betty asked, holding the cake in her hands.

"pretty much," Muffet said, ruffling Betty's hair before walking to the kitchen "eat quick, I have three other desserts I need a quality check on,"

Betty uncomfortably stuck her hand in the cake and took a little from it, licking it and loving it, she ate it and moaned with delight, stuffing her mouth with the cake slice and getting her lips dirty, Betty rubbed her tummy as Muffet came back with a bowl of cookies, with a coo Muffet patted Betty's head and swapped the plates out, saying "you liked that one, so how is this one?"

Betty snatched one right away and scarfed it down, her gut puffing out a little as she moaned with delight and said with her mouth full "itsh sho gowd!"

"that's great, and if you can give me more quick reviews like that then there may be more food for you to try," Muffet said, walking away to get more food.

Betty continued to fill up on Muffet's sweet fattening foods, blowing up with fat as she ate more of her delicious cooking, getting it on her softening lap and on her breasts as she cleaned her plate. Muffet came over with some cinnamon rolls and said "good girl," before waiting for a review.

"itsh sho gowd, I jusht wanna shtuf muhself unhil I pop!" Betty exclaimed, rubbing her growing gut as she ate more and more.

"just as intended, keep eating, I wanna make sure you leave here with the biggest smile!" Muffet said, going back to the kitchen again.

Betty moaned as her arms began to soften with her body, becoming pillows as she ate and ate and ate! her belly swallowed her immediate lap and her hips slowly enveloped the crate she sat one, said crate being able to put up a good fight, though not for much longer at this rate, Betty's gut soon reached over her knees as she finished off another set of desserts, hearing a loud tear Betty exclaimed "huh, what was that noise?"

"nothing sweetie, just keep eating!" Muffet exclaimed, turning Betty's attention to her and filling Betty's maw with cupcakes, whispering to the spiders "web her a new set of trousers,"

for what felt like hours Betty continued to grow, her breasts being pumpkin sized and her belly the size of a cargo truck front, Betty's arms were true pillows and provided any spider fortunate enough the worlds softest hug, repeatedly squashing them between her breast and arm, all of this made Betty's reviewing maw swell, becoming a pie hole, figuratively and literally. Muffet exclaimed "come now sweetie, just two more pies and we can move onto sixteenth dessert!"

"ugh... no more... so much..." Betty sighed, rubbing her swollen gut.

at this point all of Betty's clothes were completely replaced with spider webs, which hung loosely on her doughy form almost 24/7, Betty went to the toilet in them, rubbed herself in them, she felt kinda like a baby. with a loud burp Betty tried to stand up but felt the strings around her constrict, forcing her in place like a statue, with a whimper and a struggle Betty cried out "what are you doing,"

Muffet pulled a list out of her pocket, saying "well... I plan to snatch a child... fatten a child... sell my addictive treats to the masses... pop a child... oh wait this is my to do list,"

"what!" Betty gasped, struggling more in her binds.

"I plan to make your piggy face the face of my company, a face constantly gorging and swelling, why have your soul in one treat when I can have tons of children all the time!" Muffet cackled, patting Betty's soft cheek.

"you monster!" Betty yelled, jiggling a bit in her binds.

"yeah, I thought that was common knowledge," Muffet teased, turning to the kitchen "now get back to eating, we have a photo shoot tomorrow and I can't have my piggy looking starved."

Betty watched as more food was stuffed in her ever growing maw, her soft doughy body spreading farther and wider as she was force fed an endless buffet of irresistible treats that could effortlessly destroy someone's waistline, Betty had become a pig, whether she liked it or not.

The End.
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