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Betty is out in the forest one night and discovers a hotel, one with fattening consequence
Betty held her shirt on as she slowly walked forward, the weather was furious and churning the leaves around her, the rain hit hard, and she was absolutely soaked, covered in every water all over and shivering from it. after a few more steps Betty lost her footing and tripped, following down what felt like an endless hill, crashing down into a puddle of mud. Betty stood up and looked up, seeing a hotel with all its lights on, prompting Betty to slowly climb up it, needing to get inside, only to be greeted with a semi-literal uphill battle, as weather caused the mud to be loose and easily be ungraspable, it would take a good few minutes before Betty could reach the top of the hill. Betty practically dragged herself to the door, knocking with what little strength she had left, but before she could black out, the door opened and a voice said "such a poor innocent creature, let Mama take you in."

hours later Betty woke up in an immensely comfortable bed, she felt like a cloud itself had settled itself under her and this made Betty unwilling to leave, despite the weird circumstance of how she got there. as Betty sank into the bed more she heard a door open to her left and looked over, seeing a woman with a massive hour glass figure waddle over with a tray, which held a bowl of soup, a spoon beside it. the woman waddled over and said "ah, you're awake dear, it's good to see you're okay,"

"wh-where am I?" Betty nervously stuttered, looking around in the unfamiliar space.

"you're in Mama Agate's hotel dear," the woman said, reaching out a hand and continuing "I'm Mama Agate, here to nurse you back to health,"

"but I'm fi-" Betty was cut off by a spoonful of soup being forced into her mouth, causing Betty to swallow.

"nonsense, I just got you out the storm, besides, you shouldn't leave at least until the weather is clearer," Mama Agate said, climbing onto the bed and sitting behind Betty.

Mama Agate then placed Betty onto her soft and cushiony lap, letting her get comfy before bringing over the tray with magic and feeding the soup to Betty. our poor protagonist was quite flustered, at first it was by Mama Agate walking into the room, her figure able to make almost anyone blush, then she was fed by her, making Betty equally embarrassed. Betty looked up as Mama Agate finished the bowl and got a face full of breasts, Betty's face only got pinker by the moment, Mama Agate squishing Betty's face playfully as they cuddled a bit. Betty then looked back down and asked "so... is Mama part of your name or a title?"

"it's a nickname," Mama Agate said, ruffling Betty's hair, whispering into Betty's ear "but I also earned it as a title,"

Betty was flustered beyond belief, her face pinker than she could ever imagine, her body feeling hot against Mama Agate's. Akumu then transformed back into his normal state and looked at the scene, prompting Mama Agate to say "what a cute little creature, what's its name?"

"A-Akumu," a still slightly flustered Betty said, bringing Akumu to her own lap to hug.

"what an adorable name," Mama Agate said, lifting Betty off her lap and saying "how about I go and pamper him for a while, let you get comfy here?"

"that would be nice," Betty mumbled, blushing a little as Mama Agate nested him in her bosom.

Mama Agate waddled off and out the room, leaving Betty to do her own thing, though honestly there wasn't much for Betty to do, he room seemed very bland, a cupboard near the corner, the bed in another corner, a TV facing the bed that Betty didn't know how to use, a night stand beside Betty's bed. Betty huffed loudly and lied back, causing a big "ploof" to come out of her bed, Betty then looked to her blanket and began to wrap herself up in it, getting tighter and tighter until Betty was wrapped up like a baby. with a little giggle Betty wriggled in her self-made swaddle, getting incredibly comfy as she almost sank into her bed, Betty felt her body all over and pretended all sorts of things that her imagination let her, having fun all around until she got hot and had to come out. for the next half hour Betty would sit on her own in the bedroom bored, not knowing what to do now, until she spotted the land line on the night stand, Betty grabbed it and saw a message inscribed on the phone "to call room service, dial 20-15-15-6-1-20-20-15-12-5-1-22-5"

Betty dialled the number and got a familiar voice "Mama Agate's hotel, how can I help you?"

"um, is there anything to do at the hotel? I'm kinda bored," Betty said, holding the phone to her ear.

"oh! Betty!" Mama Agate exclaimed, "I just put Akumu down for a nap, I'll get right over and show you some stuff you an play with, want any food darling?"

"um, do you recommend anything?" Betty nervously asked, not knowing any foods.

"how about some apple pie, maybe a little cheese on top?" Mama Agate suggested.

"did you say cheese!" a very happy Betty said, "I'll happily take that,"

"I'll be with you in a minute," Mama Agate said, hanging up.

Betty sat on her bed and began to think thoughts of cheese, imagining herself in a sea of it, gorging herself endlessly on the delicious dairy product. eventually Mama Agate came in with a plate of apple pie with cheese on top, she saw Betty on the bed and said "you awake darling? I brought you some food,"

Betty instantly jumped up and ran over to Mama Agate, snatching the pie and sitting on the bed, she shoved a mouthful into her mouth and said "thank you Mama Agate,"

"it's alright darling," Mama Agate said, "and please, call me Mama,"

"okay Mama," Betty happily said, stuffing herself with the pie. Betty's mind was glued to the pie, gorging herself on the mix of cheese and tasty apple while Agate got to work with the TV in the background of Betty's vision, attaching a slightly old but still fun console to the TV for Betty to play with. after a few minutes of licking her lips and running her fingers around her gums, Betty had finished the pie, she sat up and saw Mama Agate presenting the console to Betty, who was confused to say the least. Betty asked "um, what's that?"

"it's a console, I hoped you would like it," Mama Agate proudly said, resting her hands on her massive breasts.

"um, I don't mean to offend but, can you show me how it works?" Betty worriedly asked, giving a sigh of relief as Mama Agate nodded.

the two converged on the edge of the bed, Betty getting comfy on Mama's lap while blushing as Mama Agate's breasts rested on her head. Mama Agate handed Betty the control and began to play, teaching Betty the basics before letting her try on her own, and Betty was good, after a few minutes Betty paused and asked "may I please have another pie Mama?"

"of course darling," Mama Agate said, floating over another pie, "you are a growing girl,"

Betty began to snack and play, mindlessly enjoying the sensation of winning and eating at the same time, oblivious to just how much was filling her gut. after half an hour Betty began to feel full, she paused the game and looked down at her shirt, it was covered in crumbs from various parts of the apple pies she was given, but most notably was the pot belly Betty had grown. Betty stood up and put her two hands on her pot belly, pressing and pocking the softness, Betty's emotions were all over the place, she didn't know if she liked it, hated it, or was just uncomfortable with being this full. as Betty was about to turn off the console Mama Agate waddled in with another apple pie and asked "how are you enjoying the games darling?"

"Mama, I think I should stop eating," Betty said, poking her pot belly, "I think I'm fat..."

"nonsense, you're just a growing girl who needs all the energy she can get," Mama Agate reassuringly said, "even if the energy is stored in cute soft ways,"

Mama Agate gently poked Betty's pot belly, letting it jiggle and giving Betty a big soft hug, Betty hugged back and sighed, saying "should I eat another pie?"

"of course darling, but remember that you should take a nap soon, don't want a cranky little girl," Mama Agate said, ruffling Betty's hair before placing the pie down, "would you like me to feed you the rest?"

"sure thing Mama," Betty said, sitting on the bed and getting comfy.

for the remainder of the evening Mama Agate fed Betty her pie slowly, letting the pink-haired girl chew and swallow at her own pace before sending her to bed.

the next day Betty woke up to a tray placed on her lap, pancakes stacked as high as her legs and drenched in syrup, slathered with butter and thicker than Betty's hand, Betty looked to her left and saw a happy Mama Agate saying "morning my sleepy baby, I made you a big breakfast to fill a growing girl up!"

"thanks Mama, but these are as big as my legs, and they seem so..." Betty took a moment to find the right words, eventually coming up with "fattening,"

"nonsense, if anyone's fat its me!" Mama Agate said, "now do you wanna eat it yourself or not?"

"I guess being fed isn't an issue," Betty thought, saying out loud "I would love that,"

"at a girl!" Mama Agate happily said, floating a fork and knife up to the top of the stack and cutting a piece, "now say ah,"

Betty opened her mouth and let the buttery syrup covered pancake into her mouth, moaning with delight at every bite as Mama Agate lovingly fed her, watching as her belly swelled a little with every bite. after an hour Mama Agate was down to one last pancake, she was making sure every bite of butter and syrup was used, scrapping it off the plate and letting Betty enjoy it, but as the last pancake was about to be cut into, a loud rumble shook the entire room. Betty anxiously held her tray as the room shook about, eventually slowing down and stopping, Mama Agate then nervously said "I have to go deal with something sweetie! be back in a while!"

Betty watched as Mama Agate ran out of the room in a panic, leaving Betty to finish her pancake and think "huh, what was that about?"

Betty got out of her bed and looked out the door, seeing Mama Agate walking behind her desk and into a pair of metal swinging doors, which only made Betty all the more curious, she creeped up from behind and followed Mama Agate, watching as she snuck her way down a cellar door, shutting it behind herself. Betty followed behind and looked down, seeing a long empty set of stairs wide enough for Mama Agate's hips, which made it all the more eerie for Betty who was forced to walk down it to find out more. after a few minutes of walking, Betty entered what seemed to be a control toom of sorts, panels with buttons on it, monitors with information Betty didn't understand, it was all so much for her. as Betty walked into the room she looked through the glass behind the panels and saw a giant mound of flesh and fat, mostly fat, a person so huge they were fed by tubes, a human so fat they must have been cooking in there, a human so heavy that they could never leave. as Betty prepared to leave she felt something hit her in the neck, before falling onto some soft cloud like pillows, seeing Mama Agate's annoyed face.

a lot of time later Betty woke up to the sound of a metal spoon tapping against bowl, Mama Agate came out of the darkness of the poorly lit room and said "you've been a very naughty girl Betty, I can't let you leave now,"

"what were you doing to that poor human?" Betty asked, wriggling her strapped down wrists.

"she's so much happier like that, no time issues, no friends to worry about, just her and her Mama," Mama Agate said, "though I should find away to quell her belly rumbles, those always shake the hotel,"

"that was her!" Betty exclaimed, sitting up right as Mama sat on her lap.

"yup, isn't she just gorgeous?" Mama Agate proudly said, grabbing the spoon out of the bowl and saying "now baby, time to eat,"

Betty watched as Mama Agate fed her spoonful's of ice cream, gulping it down as some of the ice cream began to trickle down her lips onto her growing breasts and belly. Betty began to lose her train of though as she began to focus on the sea of flavours dancing on her tongue, moaning with each spoonful of ice cream filling her up. Betty's belly peaked out her pants and shirt, inflating her hips and chest with fat as she ate up all the bowls of ice cream Mama fed her, making Betty bigger and wider as a result. the chair began to creak from the combined weight of Mama Agate and Betty, their disproportionate weights causing the sturdy chair to weaken in strength. after a few more minutes the chair smashed and Betty landed on the floor, acting as a cushion for Mama Agate who landed on her belly, the latter stood up and pulled over more ice cream, saying "you aren't gonna leave that easily,"

"mph... mmph..." Betty moaned, barely able to get up as another spoonful of ice cream was slipped past her lips.

Betty continued to swell with blubber and fat as she was fed tons and tons of delicious fattening sweets which filled her tummy with delight, only causing the poor girl to get bigger and fatter with every bowl Mama Agate fattened her with, never letting Betty have a moment to think of escape, only her next meal, which would definitely be sweet to eat.

The End
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