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A child’s reaction - live with it - be amazingly charitable - show no fear - a poem.
A weary display, as we’re walking on egg shells -
Juvenile deficiency, what each step dispels.
Hopefully, someday, a child excels.
Passing this format, a peer group that gels.

Miraculous compass - we sometimes get lost -
The ridge lines of living, how many get bossed.
Doesn’t that mean that for each, there’s a cost,
For keeping it buried, rather than hoping they’re tossed?

The system of youth is a horror that’s kind.
For each worker cursed by the wealth who’s tax-blind.
Stomaching problems from the gaps which we find
Are the medium folks of these changes defined.

Let’s never play politics, or be sheriff in here;
Or say to the people, we’re full of good cheer;
But mind our own business, like cattle or steer…
Have faith in true justice, and never show fear!

Part of our strength is a knowing impurity -
Which impacts the world in a lack of security…
Being helpful and gainful, and believing in charity
Will alter this case for a shouldered disparity…

Though we’re not perfect, everyone’s infused
With a self-perseverance, and my, it’s been mused!
To lack concentration from being refused -
Or have several ties - though the heart feels abused…

We all face embarrassment from some interaction -
It’s how fledgling people begin to earn traction;
A lifetime of learning is a shared, true reaction -
In order to gain some resolve, satisfaction…

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