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It must be a Southern thing...LOL
A sweet and savory dish, that to be honest - I had never heard of until I came to the South. Kind of like sweet tea (but that is another story *FacePalm* ).

At first, it just doesn't sound right, how do you combine a breakfast staple with fried chicken? Well, whoever thought of it struck gold. To be honest, I've never tried it, although I have a waffle maker, and frying up chicken isn't really an issue (Banquet, anyone?).
The picture I found certainly makes it look tasty; more of a brunch item, I suppose. I have to admit, it makes me kind of hungry to look at it. It probably won't be long before I end up trying this interesting combination; when in Rome, right?

I think I'd like some nice fluffy waffles, along with a bit of maple syrup. As for the chicken, definitely fried - and I'd go for the thigh, as it has more flavor than the breast, in my opinion. I'd also add a small bowl of fruit, and a cup of coffee for my entrée. Ugh, now I am hungry! LOL

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