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As I rub my hands together appreciating the warmth...
As I rub my hands together appreciating the warmth

I look out to see snow free falling into the night

Trees handsomely decked out in nature's finest

Stars disappear in the hazy skyline

Under the protection of bearskin

I walk out onto the lookout

The city so far so near

Stands above the cloudy blanket of whiteness

Lights and sounds silenced by natural forces

Whispering to me heavenly was she

Beautiful in every way

Hair flowing like the neverending Nile

Eyes deep as Niagara

Skin flawless body soft as cotton candy

Tasty in my recollection

Where was she

There...there...maybe there

I think I may be crazy

For I envision her there high up

Within a single window who's light dimmed

So her silhouette sparks a blind man's vision

Baby it's me I scream from inside

Please look out here and see...

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