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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2293471
Eloise takes a shortcut she might regret.
The Shortcut
WC 200

Even though the alley was a handy shortcut during the day, Eloise never ventured into it at night. Tonight was the exception.
Her workday had been exhausting; she had stayed longer than normal. The exhausted woman needed to get home and get into her pajamas.

A glass of Merlot sounds good. Maybe some cheese and grapes…

Shadows were lurking everywhere; she stayed to the center of the cobblestone alley to avoid trouble and moved quickly in her penny loafers.

Eloise was almost. out of the alley when a raspy voice called out. “I have a message for you.”

It came from the other side of the large, odiferous trash bin she was passing. She picked up her pace.

“I said, I have a message for you, Missy!”

Eloise turned back to see a tiny hunchbacked man in tattered clothing jump out from behind the trash bin and run toward her. Being long-legged, she was able to outrun him.

She scrambled into her car and drove off, silently vowing that she would never do that again.

Well, maybe just tomorrow night to see what the message was. It could be important.

Eloise is not known for her common sense.
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