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Life is good - thanks to God - we must learn to trust solely in Him - a religious poem.
The souls of children - leaning, swerving…
One by one, the folks, we’re serving…
The mountains’ peaks, and valleys’ trucks;
The flights we take - and spending bucks…

For God’s sweet love, be ever thankful…
Lives, expenses, rising tankful -
Times are hellish, true creations;
Excess joy of most relations…

His love so true, we surely win -
He sacrificed, to cleanse our sin…
The Lord was martyred on the Cross!
Within this spectrum, Home is boss.

The Bible’s written, perfect prose;
A prize most certain - scent, the rose -
Humans blessed with choicest gleanings.
These sweet stories - glory, meanings…

Awesome presence, training, schools;
Heaven prospers, Jesus rules -
Giving guidance, knowledge, strength;
Relatives of normal length!

Penalties, wry punishments;
Devil’s curse, admonishments.
Can’t decide, defame this glamor -
Filled with game, we throw the hammer.

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