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Breaking under the stress load of her new role, Melanie finds an answer to her peace.
Knuckles cracked as Melanie stretched her fingers in front of the screen. The word document taunted her with its blank promise.

She said, “I have work to do.”


Her heart hammered with panic. Her job stressed her out so much. Demands of coworkers, impatient partners, deep-diving into poorly written notes, expected to provide answers on situations she didn’t understand, and always, the poor expectations set by other departments.

It was supposed to be less stress than her previous role but she only felt rising disappointment with the company. This was her life.

The document’s bright glare dared her to write on it. She bit down on the inside of her cheek and attacked her keyboard. It clacked under her assault, begging for mercy as she slammed the buttons down and back-spaced.

“Figure yourself out,” she demanded.

The words flowed from her, like poetry: I quit. Effective immediately.

So simple, so forward, so perfect.

Such a summary of the months of building frustration, her level of trust in the company and their treatment of the employees, the new systems that broke more than their ability to work. The typed-out magical incantation lifted a weight off her chest.

She saved the document. Her work email dinged at her, an escalations crying out for all eyes on it. Not her concern anymore. She fired off the email to her wonderful though overworked manager and the HR department.

No take-backs.

Setting the computer aside, she rose and smiled. For the first time, in what felt like a lifetime, peace settled in. Now time for her old new job, she would be mom, wife, house-cleaner, and writer again. She wouldn’t hate life anymore.

She was ready for the new chapter.

Her computer phone rang. Melanie smiled, not her concern anymore.
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