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Can folks see that people matter? That they live safe and valued lives? A policy poem
These fishermen have caught the brightest,
Most silvery, divine specimens
In these rude, uproarious waters;
Nothing better than a delectable craft,
Juiced from side to side
With honored and predictable catches;
A treasured and miraculous outcome -
Set on its attempted, focused
Sluicing of slopes
By the hopeful agents
Of these mirrored, cliff-dwelling diseases.

These humans are offered diligent reprieve
From the mossy, tree-lined caverns
By the haunting, coastal depths…

Love for God assumes respectful dignity
And justice by the most spectacular judge…
A unique partner who is most willing and able
To charge into battle -
Bringing the baton’s parade
Of marchers toward the obvious doom…

Love thy neighbor as you would treasure
The most enduring flower;
The road must rise and fall,
And end and seek laundered captors;
And face immense snow plows.

The fault of the society’s meat
And potatoes -
Bowing to the self-serving ugliness
Of bemoaning ideologues
Of a maximum horrific flight;
Beseeching the ageless worth
Of the spruce and the magnolia
For a deciduous redwood
Or a majestic pine -
Opting for the well-oiled leaves
Of the Hollywood reincarnation
Of the lay of the land…

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