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A smile brings out the best recommendations.
Marie had just finished scanning the returned books back into the library database when she heard the familiar ting-a-ling the door made whenever someone would enter or leave. She looked to the door and with her best customer voice she could muster, “Hello, welcome to Clearwater library.”
The man flashed her a charming grin, and with a smooth voice, “Why hello~” He walked up to her desk and asked, “I’m looking for a great new book to read. Any recommendations?”
She thought for a moment, “What’s your preferred genre?”
“Hm~ I do love some good mythology.”
“I see…” She then rummaged through the book pile next to her and pulled out a vampire mythos collection and handed it to him. “I believe this one would be of interest.”
He scanned through the pages and nodded with satisfaction. He walked towards the exit and paused. He turned around to wave the book as he flashed his fanged smile, “Thank you for the book, darling~”
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