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Milo enjoys the solitude of an empty beach but he learns sometimes you need a witness.
Milo enjoyed his book and the quiet solitude. A briny wind threw sand at him. His gaze lifted to the tumultuous sky, the reason for the empty beach.

The ocean frothed under the heavy wind. Each wave rolled in with white curls arching and smashing. The ocean didn’t play nice during storms. It didn’t gently kiss the beach, it attacked with slaps and punches, tearing at the sand.

His gaze landed on a lone figure playing roulette with the unpredictable waves. He would let the water try to drag him in before jumping away with laughter.

Irritation surged. Who was this man infringing on his vacant beach?

When he spied Milo sitting in the sand, he bounced over and flopped in the sand beside him. Around his hips, he wore a small sling of what looked like seaweed. Sand dusted his shirtless skin.

“Can I help you?” Milo asked.

The young man tapped his book. “You like reading on the beach?”

“When it’s empty, yes.”

“It’s always empty during the storms. That’s my favorite time,” the man said.

Milo sighed and got up. “Yes, it’s mine too. When it’s empty and I’m alone.”

The man rose beside him. “It’s cause the storms chase away the humans. They’re scared of them.”

Milo opened his mouth to answer but the way the man referenced ‘humans’ gave him pause. After a few moments, he asked, “What do you mean, humans?”

The man smiled and said, “See you next storm.”

Without further explanation, he ran back to the edge of the waves. This time, he let the water drag him out.

Milo cried out as a long green tail slapped the water and disappeared out of sight. The problem with being the only one on the beach is that there were no witnesses.

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