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A toddler's curiosity reveals unspoken truths.
Ian flopped onto the couch, coffee in hand. His daughter came running over and jumped into his lap almost causing him to lose grip on his drink. “Good morning, baby.” He gently stroked her hair as he put his mug down.

“Hewwo baba~” She grabbed his wrist and pulled at the thin string attached, “Baba, wot is dis?” Her head tilting with a gaze full of curiosity.

“It’s called a wish bracelet.”

“Wis bwacewet?”

Ian nodded, “Mhm. You make a wish and put it on. Once it breaks your wish comes true.”

Her eyes sparkled with excitement, “Wot is your wis baba?”

He smiled and gently tapped her nose, “It’s a secret~” She gave him a pouty face, making Ian laugh.

Cassius popped up behind him and kissed Ian’s cheek, “Good morning, my dear Ian.” He scooped up his daughter, “And good morning, my little angel~”

“Papa!” She wrapped her tiny arms around his neck.

Ian watched them with loving eyes. The bracelet had yet to break but his wish had already come true.
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