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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Fantasy · #2294102
Auneese is faced with a choice, vengeance upon the son or mercy upon the father.
Auneese stared at the human she loved, had loved, and tried to harden her heart against him. The betrayal of their wedding vows pumped through her veins. He hadn’t just broken her heart, he’d handed her over to the Ice Giants. Their magic turned her into something else.

Something designed to rule.

Now, he came to her, pleading for his father’s life. She fought the urge to fly to his side and reminded herself of the generational trauma of being used as pawns. Their parents manipulated them, destroyed the peace they could have had.

“Your majesty,” she said.

His head jerked up at her voice and the light reflected off his green eyes. Her breath caught in her throat. The intensity in his eyes made her knees go wobbly.

How could he still have this effect on her?

He waited for the judgment, bent on one knee on the throneroom tile. She recognized whatever she said, he would accept. He’d already pledged his loyalty to her, he only sought mercy for his father’s life.

A heavy sigh escaped her. Torn between his betrayal and his and his renewed promise of fealty and love, she wanted to be vindictive but also merciful.

What she really wanted to do was collapse in his arms and fall asleep listening to his heartbeat again. Wanted to wake up to his smile and feel his lips against her skin.

Never again. Her touch would kill him now.

She decided. “Your majesty, I will grant your father his life. This mercy will only be extended once. You are responsible for his actions should he opt to partake in an uprising again.”

He nodded and her heart broke. Her longing reflected in his but because of his choices, they could never be together again.
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