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by Cloud
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Document of poems that I will continue to add to.
They think I can’t hear,
the way they whisper about me
in the other room.

But I can.
I always hear,
I’m always listening.

And it


His eyes,
were like a warm
wooden cabin,

with small fawns
prancing around
in the nearby field.


Courtesy of My Cat,
````````````````````````````````````````hfJ nvnxggfmh


I follow people
who benefit
When they don’t
I cast them aside.

It’s not
my fault,
It's instinct.

I learned from the people
who did it
to me.

I lost my empathy
for people.
I only tell them what they need to hear
so they stay at their
most beneficial point.

I really couldn’t
care less for how they feel.
I have to
my tongue to keep myself from
laughing when they confess
their problems to me.

I don’t ask them to,
they just trust me
so much.

It’s a mistake
of course,
you should
trust a listener.
They know everything.
I know everything.

That is how
I hurt people.
They confide in me,
tell me their secrets,
and I keep them safe!
fail me.


If I dont have anyone to take care of,
How can I take care of myself.


Become a poet
Take one's emotions and put them on full
Believe in one's conscience
Speak up from the heart and mind
Don't think, just write
Believe what you write
Believe in what you think
Words and ideas change the world
If anyone tells you otherwise,
Kick them.


“Thou takes me
For a fool?”
The woman asked,
“I do.”
The man breathed out,
“But let me tell you
He continued.
“Go on then
Indulge me.”
She scoffed.
He carefully took her hands pulling her along,
She reluctantly followed.
“I want thee to look over yonder,”
He pointed to the rising sun over the horizon.
“Tell me what thou sees…”
She stared aimlessly and confused,
While his eyes never left her face.
“I see,
A beautiful sun-
He cut her off and spun her around,
“That is where thy is wrong!”
He pulled her in close,
So that he may lay his head
perfectly fit,
In the crook of her neck.
“Nothing dare,
Be more beautiful than thee.”


I let my mother down again.
I don’t do it on purpose,
But I keep doing it.
I love storms
Rain calms me
But she is like a storm that rages constantly, never ending.
And wherever you go she's there
Screaming in your ear,
Knocking you down,
Giving you restless nights,
And sunless days.
She says she loves me
But the only emotion I have for her
Is hate.

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