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Reading books is entertaining and a celebration of life - a poem about reading.
In so tight - you’ve earned such a treasure!
Relax and enjoy this obvious gain -
Read for a moment - this book is for pleasure…
It’s such satisfaction, and hardly a strain!

Clearly, we’re working and paying most bills;
A life full of meaning, without any doubts…
But whether we earned it, for truth, it instills
A patience and passion for serious bouts…

So worth this mention - it’s in publication -
The primary needs - entertain us and growth;
This version of fantasy, truth’s education;
A slight bit of horror, distinction for both…

Look for ways through your stomach-less guilt;
Gather some soul through glorious rhythm -
Find those bridges, and don’t cede or wilt;
Folks are upheld, and appreciate schism…

Applauding much virtue, that growth in conviction!
Your heart is evinced through excellent timing…
Avoid those trials of strain and addiction -
Right versus wrong is a pulse which is climbing…

Just grab a chair, envision this world…
Fiction, non-fiction - it’s merged, apropos;
Then your circumference is shaken and twirled…
Losing nothing - belief - with sights set on go!

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