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by Cloud
Rated: E · Poetry · Religious · #2294306
Poem I wrote for my New Testament Bible class reflecting on an event from Acts 4-7
Peter and John,
Before the priests.
A trail of innocence,
They think they’ll bow down
At their feet.

But they only follow one,
So they stand their ground.
“Let me clearly state”

Peter spoke out,
To the council.

“That all of you
We're saved and forgiven by the one
You crucified,”

Peter and John,
Spoke to the priests.
At their trial of innocence,
The Spirit of God
Protecting and shining down.

“The one described
In our own scriptures,
Was and still is

Peter and John,
Preaching at their own trial.
Because they accept,
The rejected stone.

They accept,
That even through trial,
They will go all the way over the cliff,
Then beyond the valley.

For the only one who has
The power
To save,
Is the cornerstone himself.

Peter and John let free,
Because they are children and friends of Jesus.
Because they don’t care for anything as much
As they do their Lord
And Savior.
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