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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2294388
Usako doesn't take insubordination lightly.
Usako sat down behind the desk, hands folded delicately and resting on the file, “Tell me again, exactly what happened.”

The two men shifted slightly allowing the nervous sweat to drip down their faces. “W-well, the Green Snake gang was being suspicious…” The guy on the right stammered out.

“A-and, so, we figured, we’d take care of em…” The guy on the left finished.

“Hm…” She stood up causing the two men to flinch. “‘I see.” She walked over and leaned against her desk in front of them. “Let me ask you a few questions. Were either of you told to do this?” They both shook their heads. “Mhm, and you went and did as you pleased?”

“Well, you se-” He was suddenly cut off as she sliced his throat open with a dagger.

“I don’t recall asking for an explanation. It’s a yes or no question.” The man collapsed to the ground trying to stop the bleeding but it was to no avail. She turned to the other man, “Now, Answer.”

“Y-yes, we did.” He stammered, trying to not look at his dying colleague.

She moved so she was face to face with the man, “And who is in charge here?”

The beads of sweat on his face increased as he replied, “Y-you are.”

“Correct.” She then slashed his throat and dropped the knife, “Now, I have a mess to deal with.” She pressed the intercom button, “I need a clean up in my office.” She wiped her hands and sighed, “I hate insubordination.”
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