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by david
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True love on the spectrum
Part 1
Jean Fallen was born in 1999 and had a lonely childhood. She grew up in what could be described as the wrong side of the tracks in Redfern. She like school but stopped going after a bullying incident with some classmates. Apparently the gang of 12 year olds grabbed Jean and tried to push her head into the toilet. She throw a metal garbage can lid at one of them and cracked the girl’s skull open. Jean was blamed and expelled.
She lived with her mother and was regarded as “simple” by uncaring neighbours. The true diagnosis was ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder.). Jean would spend her time feeding the local cats. She gave them peculiar names and used to talk to them. Her favourite was a smoky grey British Shorthair. She called him Prince Valiant. She often saved a can of salmon for Prince Valiant.
For the most part her life was mapped out for her. She would live on disability pension and inherit her mother’s modest house. She was resigned to her fate. However Life has a way of spinning on its own axis.
One day there was a life changing knock at the door. It was William Brash. He owned pigeons and was going to complain about the cats attacking his beloved birds. When Jean opened the door William thought she was glorious. She was 20 years old and 5ft 6 in bare feet. William started stuttering he was so nervous. “Hull Hull Hullo I’m Bill Brash I’m 22 years old I have pidgins.” Said Bill “I think you can get a cream for that “,said Jean not knowing she made a joke. After that she didn’t speak although she nodded politely. Your cats keep pester pester pestering my birds. It’s catastrophic. Jean was horrified and defended them. “My cats would never do such a thing except maybe Mr Boggy Eyes he’s a wild alley cat and I’m trying to tame him but he goes off by himself. But the others would never do that.” Bill decided to prove his point and invited Jean into his backyard. There were bird cages everywhere and even a couple of cats on the roof. “See those cats are terrorising my birds.” Shouted Bill. Jean started to cry and had to sit down. Bill was sorry and apologised. “I’m sorry maybe we can do something to solve the problem” said Bill Jean waited a long time and started to speak: “All my life I have been afraid. Terrified of my own shadow. I can’t talk to people and my only friends are the local cats I remember rescuing little patch eye. He was put in a cardboard box by some mean kids and I set her free. She comes back everyday for milk. now you say I can’t have them.” Bill sat down and said “no no don’t get me wrong I love cats too but I will just have to think of something. I’m sorry.” Will you go out with me?” Jean thought for a long time and shouted “Maybe” and ran home as fast as she could.
A nice couple. The Tale of Jean and William.

Part 2
William couldn’t sleep. He kept feeding the pigeons to keep busy. That morning he decided to visit Jean. He put on his best shirt and his dads bow tie and knocked on her door. Jean came to the door in black. She even had a black veil over her face. William was shocked and began stuttering again. “Wha Wha what happened.?” He asked. Jean was not able to stop her tears as she spoke. “Its Prince Valiant he’s dead. The funeral is out the backyard. I need a friend to help me.” With that she directed William around the house. She didn’t want her Mother to know she had a friend. They came around the side of the house and there was Prince Valiant. He was lying next to a small hole that Jean had dug. They both went silent for a long time. Jean moved towards the dead cat and froze. She couldn’t touch it. “Can you put him in the hole William please.” William was happy to help and they had a very polite burial. Jean wanted to say something from the bible. “Our Father who art in Heaven hallowed be they name. Please take Prince Valiant to your heart. He likes salmon or tuna but he’s not fussy really. Don’t let him wander alone he gets lost. I guess your God so you probably know all that already.” With that she started to cry and William patted her on the back, in a nice comforting gesture. “Did you say I was your friend?” asked William. “Maybe” said Jean and ran inside the house.

Part 3
William skipped home and ceremoniously let one of favourite pigeons free. Unfortunately it was a homing pigeon so his noble attempt at balancing the death of Prince valiant with the freedom of one of his pigeons didn’t quite work. His Mother Janette felt it was time to have the talk especially since he wouldn’t stop talking about Jean. “William we need to talk.” She said, “I am really glad that you met Jean and you clearly have feelings for her but ...well I don’t know how to say this but she is slow..You just need to be careful. I don’t want her to break your heart..” William lost his temper and began to stutter. “Jean is my friend. I am sorry I love her and she loves me. I want to marry her. She is my friend. You cannot take her away from me. She is my friend.” Just as William was calming down there was a knock at the door. It was Jean holding a kitten. Before anyone could say anything, Jean started speaking very quickly. William I like you and I want to go on a date. I want to go with you to Wilson’s Fish and Chips shop and order the Grand Special. I like you. I love you. We can go at 2 o’clock today. By the way I have a kitten for you. I know you like pigeons but its time to try a new pet. This is Brad Pitt. He’s one of Prince Valiant’s kittens.” William took the kitten in his hands awkwardly. “Did you say you like me “ asked William. Jean shouted “Maybe” as she ran down the road.

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