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Lidia started something, but Ian will finish it.
Ian threw his hands up “Ha! Victory!”

Lidia squeezed the controller and growled, “I want another round! I refuse to lose.”

He smiled smugly as he said, “What? You think you can beat me? Don’t make me laugh~”

She grabbed a cheeto puff and flicked it at him, “I. Want. Another. Round.”

It hit him directly on the head. He frowned at the attack and grabbed some popcorn and threw it at her. “Revenge for the puff.”

Lidia gasped as it landed in her shirt. “That’s it.” She grabbed a glass of water and tossed it at Ian. He squealed as the cold liquid drenched him. He launched up and ran to the bedroom. Lidia shouted, “Ha! I knew you were a chic-” She froze mid sentence as Ian emerged with a machine nerf gun.

Ian looked at her with evil intent and stated, “My turn.”

Lidia’s jaw dropped as she jumped up and ran over to the front door. Ian pulled the trigger and followed the running figure. He followed her out the door. “You can run, Lidia. But you can’t hide~!” Ian shouted as he ran after her.

Lidia saw the open car door, jumped in and shut it. She turned to see Elyse staring at her confused. Cassius looked at Lidia through the rearview mirror. “What did you do?”

She glanced to the side. Laughing slightly, she stated, “Your husband is very competitive.”
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