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What do the trees think of us? are they plotting revenge? for writer's Cramp
Green Trees Don’t Make It Writer’s Cramp


I look out and see
The ugly green trees
Standing guard
in front of my house

And I think to myself
Who owns the trees?
And what do they think of us?

Are we their friends?
Are we their enemies?
What do the trees think?
Or do they silently watch us,
Spies to the celestial emperor?

I have pondered this question
Many a morning
Who is the owner of these trees?
And why do they silently watch us?

Yes, I wonder about the trees
And the birds and the bees
And everyone else

What are they thinking?
Are they plotting revenge?
Or are they merely there

Silently, watching, plotting,
Designing fiendish plots of revenge
Dreams of vast nuclear destruction

Cosmic diseases wiping out
everyone in the ass
Yes, I wonder
and dream and ponder

What is the meaning
of those silent green trees?
Standing on the corner

Quietly condemning us
With their quiet tears,
and falling leaves

In observance of Earth Day (April 22), write the best story or poem inspired by this quote -

"Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time." - Katrina Mayer

Your choice whether or not to include the quote.

Choose NATURE as one of your genres.

Written in 1977 one of my first Earth Day poems
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