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The highest level is human efficacy - some want a change - God is all-knowing - a poem.
A sane apprehension,
And a well-taught approach
To the location
Of wondrous values.
Humans commit atrocities
In this inherent vacuum
Of inclement rancor.
And villainous entities,
Robustly in harmful
And horrific tragedy,
Educate the wholesome balance…

Close ties in efficient daylight
Commenting on agents
Of sobering change.
Freedom from secure behemoths
Streaking in skies
Of routine peril.
Billions in surreptitious spending
By holistic benchmarks
To congressional grief
Span numerous generations
To effect ample successions…
And looping, screaming shadows
Collide with these meager,
Uproarious depths.

Home is a Christian value
And a superior concern
For every consoling solitude;
Each person’s belief type
Mirrors the helpful agents
Of that finder’s soulful recipe…
In the light of that Almighty Power
Lies the preeminent sphere
Of societal empathy
For this ubiquitous promise -
The critical, evidentiary efforts 
Of a harmonious potency
And a cherished vehemency
Are the most premier examples!!

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