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My teammates are willing to put everything at risk, even our lives.
I don’t trust them. I never have, but especially not now. Our lives are at risk but I don’t trust them not to make a stupid decision.

Nico takes a huge drags of his vape and blows out smelly mist.

I gag. “Really? You need a clear mind, and you’re smoking that crap?”

Another skunkweed cloud of smoke whirls around me. He smirks. “It helps me focus.”

“Bullarchy.” I jab my finger at the map spread out on the table. “We need to follow this path. It will take a little longer but…”

“Dude, we don’t have time to take the safe route.” Nico sweeps my hand to the side, pointing to the shortcut. “This is where we need to go. If the other team beats us, we die.”

“And if we make dumb decisions, we die,” I retort. “We know this is safe.”

Lisa pipes up from her spot on the log, “You know what they say, ‘no risk no gain’.”

“Yeah, there’s also ‘better the devil you know’.” I know its a useless debate. Their faces all shine with the belief that quick is the only option.

If we don’t all make it the camp, none of us will be allowed to live. Recognizing defeat, my shoulders slump. The shorter route it is.

“Fine, arguing about it isn’t getting us there faster.”

Lisa cheers but the pit in my stomach makes me want to puke.

Nico, high and confident, leads the charge into the unexplored forest path.

Right as I see the tripline and scream, “Nico, watch out!”, he triggers the wire. The air moves as a huge log with spikes slams into him and chucks him into the forest.

And just like that, our chance of survival is eliminated. This is why I never trusted them.

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