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Falling Rain Fills Me with Dread for writer's cramp

Falling Rain Fills Me with Dread

The falling rain
on a late
October day
Fills me with
essential dread

the lightning
and thunder
frightening me

an ominous omen
of bad things
yet to come

I am filled with
Dark, dangerous
Heavy thoughts

The rain outside
the bar
Seems like
the tears of God

As I sit
Crying over my beer
Thinking of lost love
And failed dreams

What went wrong?
And what I can set right

And the rain falls
And the night darkens
The rain is falling
All over this man’s world

And the rain falls
And I sit
Drinking my lonesome drink
Lost in dreams

Dreaming of what
Could never be
Thinking dark thoughts

And so I sit
twenty drinks too sober
And drink
the rainy night away

Write a story or poem inspired by this prompt: a rainy day

Please include these words and be sure to make them BOLD or COLORIZED:

ominous, heavy, thunder, frightening

One of your genres must be ENVIRONMENT

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