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Ian knows exactly who is in the woods.
The gloomy clouds threatened to create a downpour at any moment. The ominous darkness of the forest allowed for any sort of creature to linger there. The hunter limped through the woods, grasping at the laceration on his side. He shouted into the shadows, “I know you’re out there! Get your ass out here!” He was met with a slight rustling of leaves as a breeze blew through the tree branches. He scowled and growled, “That wasn’t a suggestion!”

A figure emerged from the forest line. The sky flashed, illuminating the vampire's features, he was covered in blood from head-to-toe. Ian flinched at the frightening appearance of the man before him. “Cassius?” he whispered. The thunder cracked the silence. Water droplets falling one after another, falling faster and more frequently.

Cassius glared at the injured hunter before him. “Ian, I believe I told you not to follow me.”

Ian narrowed his gaze and hissed, “You expect me not to look for you?” He stalked over to the vampire and jabbed his finger at his chest. “You get to fucking abandon me, and I can’t go looking for you?! You’re such a coward!” The sky raged with the hunter, the wind stirring with the storms increasing intensity creating a heavy atmosphere.

Cassius looked down into the fierce aqua eyes, “I don’t want to hurt yo-” Ian slammed his fist against Cassius’s chest.

Ian hung his head. “Why did you leave with nothing? Not a word, letter, or anything.” The tears welled up in his eyes.

Cassius gently cupped the hunter’s cheek and lifted his gaze. “I apologize but it was necessary.” He brushed the wet hair out of Ian’s eyes and kissed his forehead.

Ian sighed and pushed Cassius away from him. “Then explain yourself. Tell me why it was so necessary to leave without notice.”

“You know vampire’s and hunter’s don’t mi-”

“Like that stopped you 6 months ago. I tried to kill you, and you still took me home. What’s the real reason?” He asked.

Cassius sighed and shook his head. “Don’t come looking for me this time or I won’t be so kind as to let you live.” He turned his back to Ian and walked back towards the trees.

Ian shouted, “I love you!”

Cassius paused and looked back at Ian. “What?”

Ian’s face flushed a red hue as he repeated, “I love you…”

The vampire stared at the hunter for a moment. He ruffled his black curls and mumbled, “Why do you have to be so cute.” He marched back over to Ian and looked down at him. “No changing your mind later.”

Ian smirked. “Good luck trying to get me to.”

Cassius smiled and scooped Ian up. He leaned in and gave his favorite hunter a kiss.

The storm calmed as though it was acknowledging the new relationship that was formed.
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