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What happens when even the gods fear a child? Chaos, that's what.
Though the heavens knew her name, they didn’t dare speak it out of fear. News of her insanity rose even to the gods ears but to gaze upon her revealed nothing of the monster lurking beneath.

Danika always wore a sweet smile, even in her sleep, and a thin silver chain with a four-point star around her neck. Her enemies near and far recognized her from the smile and the necklace. When they caught sight, they fled in terror but she always struck them down.

Her sword came down with white hot lightning and scattered the soldiers about her. They tumbled into the dirt before her, the survivors pleading for mercy. There would be no mercy. They would bear witness to her ferocity and suffer the unholy power of her fury.

Before her sword could wreak more havoc, a familiar voice carried over the battlefield. “Danika, it’s dinner time.”

Utter defeat.

No one trumped Danika the Mad, except for her mother. Her mother’s dinner call won every time.

The lightning imbued sword returned to its former stick glory and the soldiers lost their enchantment to become stones and twigs once more. Danika shook her stick at them and said, “Tomorrow, I will be back.”

But back as what?

Danika the Undead? Danika the Explorer? Danika the Beautiful?

Her smile stretched her cheeks and she slid her fingers over the star hanging at her throat. It didn’t matter as what, she’d have fun. She always did.

The heavens would have to wait until tomorrow to observe what she dreamed up.

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