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This is what happens when warnings are ignored.
Ian gasped when he was thrown across the field. He sat coughing, trying to regain the oxygen he had lost. The bulky vampire stalked over to the collapsed hunter and growled, “Today is your last day as a hunter.”

Ian smirked and shook his head. “I doubt that.” He wheezed.

The vampire grabbed Ian by the collar. “I am going to kill you and wipe that grin off your little face.”

“Heh. I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Ian grabbed the creature's wrist to shake him off. The vampire raised his other hand, claws bared. “You’re making a big mistake.”

The vampire ignored the hunter. He swung at Ian’s throat but was stopped when a tan hand snatched his arm. “Huh?”

Cassius smiled in a threatening manner. “Don’t you know it is rude to hit people?”

The vampire flinched but didn’t back down. He threw Ian to the ground and faced Cassius, “Who are you?”

Cassius looked at Ian and back at the vampire. His entire demeanor became darker when he said, “Well, now I have to kill you.”

Ian painfully turned away when he saw Cassius lunge at the deranged vampire. There was a shout and some tearing sounds. And then there was silence.

The vampire walked over the collapsed hunter. He sighed and scooped him up into his arms. Ian gave a startled cry, he exclaimed, “I can walk! Put me down!”

Cassius shook his head, “You look like death. Get some rest. I’ll wake you up when we arrive at the house."

Ian debated whether or not he should continue to insist he was fine. He sighed and relaxed into Cassius’s warm embrace admitting defeat. Ian mumbled as he drifted into unconsciousness, “I love you…”

Cassius smiled and whispered back, “I love you too.”
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