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Maintain a focused, doubtless code of meaning - manage, cherish, & share the light -a poem
Welcome, beg, construe, resolve.
Life is filled with little riddles;
Souls admire, duly solve,
These buttermilks are country griddles!

Play that tune with peachy cuddles!
Major changes take a hit…
Into rain strewn, drippy puddles -
These umbrellas, not worth spit…

Carry on with majesties!
Curling, cooking, looking bright -
News that’s coupled, tapestries
Are those caring friends so right…

Never known as able, pompous.
Love’s engaging, humans’ prize…
Looking good, designed with purpose.
Nature’s dearly each sunrise! 

Front and middle, back are clean -
Going through it still is hard…
Nothing seen, or isn’t seen -
No one ever really scarred!

Chase the middle, sights unknown.
Girls are cute, and guys not shy…
Never seen as overblown…
Sense of laughter, keenly wry!

Excellent, superb as always,
Classiness is awesome focus -
No one’s cooler these hot days!
Dire credits, hocus-pocus!

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