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Personal Guide does not mean dungeon Guide.
Ian and Cassius stood outside the swirling black portal that led to an S class dungeon. Ian pointed at the mass, “Esper Cassius, I’m not going in there. I’m far from being a dungeon Guide.”

Cassius patted the Guide’s head. “Unfortunately, that isn’t an option.”

Ian frowned and asked, “And why do you say that?”

“You know the more power an Esper uses, the closer they get to a power explosion resulting in catastrophic damages.” He booped Ian on the nose. “And that’s where you come in and stop me from causing casualties.”

Ian smacked the Esper’s hand away, “Just because I’m your personal guide doesn’t make me your dungeon guide.”

Cassius crossed his arms and arched a brow. “Is that so?”

Ian nodded. “Yes. You’re going to have to drag my dead body if you want me to go in there.”

Cassius shrugged. “I don’t want you dead and I really don’t want to drag you… so, I’ll do this instead.” Cassius grabbed the Guide and threw him over his shoulder.

Ian smacked the Esper’s back. “Put me down!”

Cassius laughed and stated, “I don’t believe I will.”

He then marched into the portal with his complaining Guide.
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