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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Fantasy · #2294832
Gertrude demands action from Louis to save their children. It's her or it. He'd rather it!
The couple clutched each other, staring out the entry of their home. A huge shadow passed between the sunlight and them. Gertrude shrieked.

“Shhhhh!” Louis covered her mouth.“There’s something out there.”

She made a bunch of frustrated mumbles so he released her mouth. Anger and fear gave her an ugly tone. “No duh. What was your first guess? Think it’ll try to get in?”

“I hope not.”

“Go out there. Lead it away from here.”

“Are you trying to get me killed?”

Her lips puckered and her brow furrowed. He was about to hear all about it. Maybe he should dive out to escape her nagging. End it now.

“No, but unlike you, I’m worried about the children. If it gets in, they could all die. Do you care at all about our babies?”

Facing the unknown threat outside paled under becoming the target of his wife’s wrath. Screw it! He bolted out the doorway of their sunlight home to be bait.

Coming face to face with it, he froze. He’d never seen anything like it. His own reflection stared back at him, transparent, so he could see big, blinking eyes behind it. It was monstrously huge, its body distorted and limbed in strange ways. So alien.


Laura spoke through her headset, “You should see this little fish. It just shot out of a hole in the reef and is staring at me. Think it’s fascinated with me.”

She raised her camera and snapped a picture of the tiny, striped being. It startled at the flash, dove back into the hole, and ripped out just as fast again. When she shifted her camera, it swam into the teeming jungle of corals.

“Fascinating behavior.” She snapped another picture and continued on her swim.

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