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Salmon Rubenstein Half Human- Half Alien Witch For Writer's Cramp
Salmon Rubenstein writing com

32 lines

Salmon Rubenstein
Grew up in a sketchy part
Of Oakland.

He soon learned
How to blend in
To disappear
into the dark shadows.

A skill he used later
When he joined the CIA
But he had a dark dangerous secret.

His mother was a witch
from an alien race
And he was half human
Which he concealed from everyone.

Until one day after a night of heavy drinking
He smashed up the company car
And they did an emergency operation on him
And discovered his dark secrets from his DNA..

He decided to come clean
After taking a shower
Deciding to cluck it all
And confess his sins.

His bosses were not amused
And locked him up
As a suspected enemy alien
In a dark prison that did not exist.

His mother’s people
Did their alien magic
Jedi mind probes.

And he disappeared
Along with all records
That Salmon Rubenstein
Ever existed.

Until he came back
As head of the invading army
Taking his revenge
On the planet Earth.

New writing prompt:

April begins with a day that celebrates falsehoods – April Fool’s Day. End it with a day that celebrates and acknowledges the importance of honesty – Honesty Day. Celebrated annually on April 30, the day was created in the early 1990s by M. Hirsh Goldberg, the former press secretary to the state of Maryland in the United States. Goldberg created the holiday as a way to encourage people to speak the truth and to “honor the honorable.”

Write a story in which the protagonist gets a little too honest. Use the following words in your story. Bold or colorize the words to make them stand out to the judge.


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