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Conditions that only accept crazy networks of society and numbers - a rhyming poem.
A rampant heartlessness bringing forth
A truly consistent recklessness -
God’s a victory, a magnetic north,
Cleansing the beast of fecklessness…

Leaders purport that a radical change
Is a threat to one, and a goal of unity…
A mortal cool, a revenge, how strange,
Colliding as bros, with total impunity.

Perhaps this help is worth a nod -
A blessing evinced to stifle tragedy -
Or a hated course, not needed, from God,
Politicized with rage quite steady!

Each side’s wanton ignoramus,
Touched by a heart and a soul too deep,
Are the doers of evil so infamous
That pernicious policies shall vilely creep.

A sense of calm, resilient grace,
A look to God for certainty,
Shall look us in some guiding place
At a vision’s horrible efficacy…

Perhaps one reason is, way too late,
For the whole of America to live the dream.
As cruising angels circulate
A cool economic agenda supreme.

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