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by Gene
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A symbol of dedication, hard work, loyalty and love.
Grandma's Spoon

As a youngster, trips to my Grandparent’s farm were joyful occasions that involved the gathering of family. Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins would congregate for weekend fun. The gatherings always included meals my Grandma created. Grandma was an amazing person and also an incredible cook that set the gold standard for many dishes. She had years of practice cooking for large groups of hungry folks.

There was a large metal spoon my Grandma used. It was her “go to” utensil for working in the kitchen. I don’t know where it came from or what it was made of. It certainly wasn’t fancy. In fact, the old metal spoon was severely worn with a good 30% missing from use. God only knows how many meals that spoon has stirred up. I’m sure many cooks would have thrown it out years ago, but she continued to use it.
Recently, I was visiting my Mom and I asked her if she remembered that timeworn spoon. A smile crossed her face as she went to her kitchen and retrieved the spoon. It seems my Mom also had a fondness for that old spoon. As I held that spoon, my thoughts focused on memories of my Grandma. I can see her laboring in the kitchen, crafting delicious meals for her family. Mom also remembers the spoon from her early years. Mom doesn’t know where it came from either. Perhaps, Mom thought, it came from Great Grandmother? No one knows for sure.

It is nothing but a humble old worn spoon, but it is a symbol of dedication, hard work, loyalty, and love. It was one of Grandma’s instruments used in a labor of love, cooking. It was an intense love that worn that spoon down over many years. Raising five kids required grit and determination and tons of potatoes. The pounds of potatoes that spoon encountered were defiantly substantial.

I am thankful for the hard work of my Grandparents. Their example gave our parents a good start and a tremendous work ethic. We stand on their shoulders as we reach for opportunities and accomplishments that would have been impossible without them. We in turn, support and love our kids and Grandkids. The legacy of our Grandparents lives on through future generations. I’m not sure that all of that love can be represented by a spoon. In a small way, the spoon is a reminder of the sacrifices our Grandparents made for our family.

I wish I knew more about that ancient spoon. Who bought it? Where did it come from? What did it cost? In truth, it doesn’t really matter. The spoon holds a small place in the story of our family. Our family story is one of devotion and love passed down through generations. It is a tradition that is alive and well. Telling this story to the younger ones is our job and it is an important one. And that is more significant than the details of an old worn spoon.
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