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Quotes from the play are paraphrased and not word for word.
I've been studying for my GCSE for Macbeth. I don't do poetry much, I do more creative writing.

Allow us bid thee a story
Once a sir, macbeth hath walked this land
That gent kept his sw’rd close to hand
He combated f'r his king 'gainst a back-stabbing thane
For brave Macbeth well he deserved that name
Macbeth tears, rips and snaps
Till he unseamed Macdonwald from the nave to the chaps
He inflict’d his retribution
His sword smoked with bloody execution
He was named bellona’s bridegroom
But all his cousin Banquo couldst doth assume

Macbeth did play unfairly f'r king
But Macbeth knew not the horror it would bring

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