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putting a human face on things
What did we do, F5 tornado?
Why do you come with so much force?
Does your wife hate you, and want a divorce?
Why do you terrorize us so?
Did your favorite team lose?
So you destroy anything you choose?
This cannot be an impersonal thing,
Happening, without intention to bring,
Death and destruction.
So what did we do,
To get this treatment from you?
There is one thing I know,
Impersonal or not, to the shelter I'll go,
We can put our face on matters,
That tear our world to tatters,
But with or without blame,
The result will be the same.
So F5 tornado I must believe,
This destruction we must receive,
Came from an intending hand,
Because, if not, it is random destruction,
Something I cannot understand.
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