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A rich and glowing history ruined by a faulty narrative - welcome to the new truth-a poem.
A feckless, faulty dust
Settles onto the duly-strewn,
Desperate, and despondently
Fetal shores.

Radiantly parallel to the block
Of ample light and infinite purpose.

Dire streets proposed to barter and beckon;

An economy brought to its knees;

Handing our enemies the keys
Such as energy inputs and exports,
Not to mention basic, vital components
Like chips and democratic values;

Using codes like abortion, weapons,
And taxing billionaires
As solutions to the situation
Of inherently normal treatment -

Businesses and families
Not fading away or going awry -
Casting aside distance and infamy,
Excoriating the savvy and capacity
For actual caring
And deep, dependable trust; 

A global catastrophe,
Chastened, but never averted…
But this hellish vehemence
Emboldening tomorrow’s cheerful, ambling,
And patented disposition!!

With the Lord Jesus,
Our Savior,
In the designs of God Almighty
In the days ahead…

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