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And She Was (Thank you Talking Heads)
Callista lay in a hammock that was hung between two apple trees.
Through the crisp green leaves, the impetuous summer sunshine,
Fought bravely, for the privilege of playing across her freckles.
Whilst the warm breath, of a Sunday afternoon before evensong,
Daringly slipped beneath the thin cotton of her dress, to softly, caress her thighs.

Her hair, which had spent the morning coiled tightly beneath a rather pretty hat,
All through a sermon, that expounded the many and considerable dangers of sin,
Now lay in gentle, gentile, silken abandon, a silver blond frame for her countenance.
Which was deeply pensive. A slight, but not unbecoming, frown lightly etched her brow.
Nearby, and completely unheeded, a bumble bee rumbled contentedly amongst the foxgloves.

And beneath her, the grass was getting on unobtrusively with the business of growing.
Lying across her chest was a book, and there were many that would envy it its position.
Until a few minutes ago, Callista had been deeply absorbed in reading this book.
It was, in point of fact, the cause of her current consternation, and thereby the frown.
Some strange words from Mr. Tesla, were playing on her mind.

Energy frequency, and vibration were the key to it all. The words resonated with Callista.
She wondered if she explored them, what secrets she would be reveal?
What was the lock? Callista mused, as she sank into a deep reverie.
Suddenly, and without fanfare, all the pieces interlinked, and the bigger picture revealed itself.
Swinging her feet out over the hammock's edge, she stepped off into the air.

Floating several inches above the shocked grass, Callista closed her eyes,
And started to ascend, feeling the playful wind, gambolling around her giddy like a puppy.
As her dress flapped about, she reached down and pulled it over her head,
Letting the bustling breeze, busily chase it back down, to the garden below.
Freeing herself from all restriction, ensured that Callista's undies followed swiftly.

Spreading her arms widely, she let her senses expand in every direction.
As the air embraced and kissed her. Delighted in her company.
Experiencing the train, hurtling along the tracks, a rushing tube of minds.
Heard the hum of the nearby factory, a rattling box of captive minds.
Became the dreaming highway, and travelled far and wide.

Felt the warm air of the world as it was breathing. Drifting back and forth.
Now she knew for sure, who the lock had been, but wasn't any more.
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