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Ian doesn't agree with Cassius's favorite craving.
Cassius groaned when he patted the cold space next to him. He opened his eyes and heard a grinding noise when the blender turned on. The vampire emerged from the covers grumbling to himself, “What is he up to so early in the morning…”

The door creaked in protest when Cassius slowly emerged. He made his way into the kitchen and laid his eyes upon his small lover. Cassius approached Ian and wrapped his arms around the small human and whispered into his ear, “Good Morning, my dear Ian~ What are you doing so early?”

Ian patted the vampire’s head and motioned to his concoction. “Ah, well, I was craving this drink I used to make back at the association.” The hunter smiled and asked, “Would you like to try it?”

Cassius looked between his lover and the pinkish slush cautiously. He then stated, “That depends on what is in it.”

Ian tapped his chin and nodded. “Yes, that is understandable. It has some rose, vanilla ice cream, milk, heavy whip, and ice.” He sighed with satisfaction. “It’s both simple and tasty. Best drink I ever made.”

The vampire smirked. “Is that why your blood always tastes like roses?”

The human blushed and covered his neck. “Gahhh! I dunno. I didn’t wanna know either.”

Cassius laughed and spun Ian around so they were facing each other. “Would you like to know what my favorite drink is that I am always craving?”

Ian hesitated and narrowed his gaze. “If you say my blood, I’m punching you in the face.”

“Pfft, you wound me, Ian.” He smiled and brushed the hunter’s bangs out of his eyes. “Any other guesses?”

Ian pressed his back against the counter trying to put as much distance between him and the seductive gaze the vampire was giving him. “N-no, I don’t…”

Cassius closed the distance between them and purred, “I’ll give a few hints to help you guess.” Ian flinched when Cassius slowly began running his hand down his chest. “First hint. It is a white fluid.”

The human shivered when the vampire rubbed the cloth above his nipple. “M-milk?”

Cassius shook his head and ran his hand gently along Ian’s abs. “Second hint. Sometimes it is thick, but it can also be thin.”

Ian pursed his lips and shook his head quickly. “I-I don’t know.”

The vampire shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “I’ll give you one last hint. It happens to come from my beloved Ian.”

The hunter’s eyes widened. “If it’s what I’m thinking. I refuse to say it.”

Cassius chuckled. “That’s too bad. I guess I’ll just have to show you then since you won’t cooperate.”

Ian squealed when the vampire scooped him up into a princess carry. He cried out, “No! Mercy! I barely got any sleep a-and my drink will melt!”

The vampire opened the door and stated with a smirk, “Then we need to make this quick.”

The human cried, “Nooo! It’s never quick with you!.”

Cassius closed the door, leaving Ian’s concoction to slowly melt on the counter.
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