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Melanie thinks she's in the clear when she steals, but nothing stolen can do good things.
Melanie reached toward the white candle but tucked her hand against her chest, her eyes sidling around the small shop.

Don’t do it! You won’t get away with it.

She shoved the angelic voice to the back of her mind. Of course I will. I just need it for the spell. They’ll understand.

Her eyes shot around again but no one lurked nearby. She swiped the candle and hurried to the exit.

This is a big mistake. Go put it back.


The doorbell jangled as she ducked outside. See?! I told you, I’ll be fine.

She couldn’t run home fast enough to start the spell. Carefully, she placed the candle in the center of her alter and anointed it. Each step she followed to the T, desperately picturing Alex in her mind.

“Love me,” she whispered out loud. “Love me.”

The candle blew out and a chill swept up her spine. Something didn’t feel right.

She read the fine print: Carry kindness in your heart or else the spell will come apart.

I carried kindness so I should be good.

No, no you didn’t. Stealing is not kind. You centered your spell around stolen goods.

Her hands covered her mouth as she understood. Her own greed would be her undoing. And now, it was likely Alex would never notice her, much less love her.

“What have I done?”

Should have listened. Now you’ll have to pay. You knew you wouldn’t get away with it and now you have to deal with the consequences.

Tears stung her eyes. She placed everything back in its place with heavy shoulders. Tomorrow she would find out exactly how much she messed up. Or with any luck, nothing would have changed. Nothing would be best.
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