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coronation of King Charles for writer's cramp
Harry is Bored

Harry smiled
Watching the coronation
Of his father
From afar

His wife was lost
she couldn’t find her seat
In the crowded pub

Their friend Louis yawned
He found such large crowds

King Charles became King
He waved from the Balcony

Meanwhile,, anti-royalists
Protested about the extravagant costs
Muttering about the cost
Of the family jewels

NEW PROMPT DUE 14 hours 23 minutes 29 seconds
Using the coronation of King Charles III this morning as inspiration, write a story or poem that includes all of the following, bolded (it can be about any topic) -

Harry smiled
she couldn't find her seat
Louis yawned
such large crowds
he waved from the balcony
family jewels

I tried to not make this about King Charles but my muse had other ideas. As an American living abroad, I find the whole spectacle a bit strange. I met Harry at a polo match in 2010 in Barbados, he fell off his horse after drinking a tad too much. He seemed like a decent enough chap, I am sure he does not remember me though. 
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