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by Jiji
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Are we all able to answer this question? No matter our age, our experiences, we can try.
I will answer to this question without being sure if I ever experienced this feeling in my life. From what I could have observed, love is more than a feeling. There are different types of love. Our hobbies, objects that ae symbolic and people. Concerning our hobbies, we feel a lot of attachment towards them. Which leads us to intense happiness in a limited time. We would do anything to stay attached to it and not loosing interests. It's a needed source of happiness that only depends on ouserlves. It represents a safe exit of life as we're able to satisfy ourselves and not be disappointed. As for symbolic objects, they remind us of precious memories we do not want to forget. Those objects will continue to exist in the future as it's relate to passed things. We can't permit ourselves to loose it. Love for people, including animals, is the kind of relationship that doesn't depend on us. This factor makes those relationship more dangerous than the others as they are the most unpredictable. Love becomes at a time a base of a relationship built on shared happiness and a really powerful weapon that can get out of control.

It is a game of luck. How lucky we have been to meet this person that is luckily perfect for us. Two person loving each other, finding each other pretty, interesting and lovely. Those qualities are a fear for most people. The main quality that should exist is confidence. However, it's one of the hardest feeling. Love for ourselves. Love for our own beauty. Our experiences build the person we became and our current confidence. Which returns to luck. Do we all have the chance to experience what will improve our confidence? Or do we all have to build it alone?

It is a dangerous game many of whom are people who got lost. We all fear this game in our own way. We're scared to experience it for the first time, we're scared to experience it again. We are constantly afraid of our fate if we participate to this game. We are not sure if participating is already loosing. We can't be sure to win the first time. We can't be sure to ever win. Because we ignore everything. We ignore what we're feeling and what we'll feel as much as the other person.

True love may be the end of this game. Althought it seems endless for some people, if the exit really exists, we're all able to win. It may be harder for most of players, but if your body express any feelings, you can always have the time to play this game. You will maybe not find pure happiness at the end of this, happiness doesn't mean loving relationship for everyone. So don't be scared to be different from other relationships. You might give up a few times if you find it too long or too suffering. We all think about how our game will end. It exists multiple endings. And you can create your own ending of the game anytime. Do not have any regrets about your game. Live in the present and don't be scared of your choices if it's what makes you satisfied.

So what do you think? What's true love for you?
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