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Nuevo Urbano Town

300 words

Sam Adams was an architect in London. His firm was big in archaeology, applying the lessons of ancient archaeology in rebuilding urban areas in decline. They were particularly fond of ancient Roman urban planning, seeing that the ancient Roman builders were still among the best that ever lived.

They one day came up with a brilliant plan that involved destroying a building in an old, abandoned town in the north of England and rebuilding it as a new city complete with building something new for seniors, and affordable housing for younger families.

They called their new town ” nuevo urbano.” Besides the ten mixed-used towers that would replace the decayed old high street and downtown, they would build start-up campuses for high-tech firms taking advantage of various tax exemptions and policies promoting urban redevelopment. The idea was that the new city would be a showcase city incorporating green energy solutions, with each tower 100 percent self-generating in power, with rain harvesting systems, rooftop gardens, and mini-wind turbines. The towers would be linked by walkways at the ground level, the mid-level, and the rooftop which would feature gardens and trees with restaurants as well. There would be shuttle buses to the remaining parts of the old town, as well as the train and bus terminals.

They made their pitch to the local council. There was opposition to the radical new plan, concerns over the costs and whether they would realistically be able to attract the start-up companies to an abandoned region of rural England, The council was considering other more conventional re-development plans, and due to the divided councilors, nothing happened, and they soon abandoned the city, looking for opportunities elsewhere.

They eventually build a prototype new town based on ancient archaeology and sustainable development including being 100 green energy dependent that won awards. Their firm was soon seen as one of the best architectural firms in the UK.

The local council regretted having passed on the proposal and contacted Sam’s firm. Sam felt burned by the backward looking old town council and told them that they were now too busy to make a new proposal.

Use in your poem or story the following - bold for tomorrow's judge:

destroying a building
building something new for seniors
divided councilors
nothing happens
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