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Lance goes out to eat.
Lance Decker Rock-A Trip To Denny's

By Shadowgate


Lance came out of his room fully dressed. His mother stopped him and said "I know you took a shower because I heard the water running. Did you brush your teeth?"

Lance showed his teeth and his mother said "alright" then Lance took off. His dad asked "where are you going" just before he could get out the door.

Lance answered "I'm walking to Denny's. I still have birthday money left over as well as allowance money."
His dad Kevin Decker Rock asked "do you have your phone?"

Lance replied "of course."

Lance took off and walked three blocks to Denny's. Upon entering the door he was immediately told he would not be seated because they had a new policy that no unaccompanied children were allowed.

Lance asked "why not? I've got money."

The hostess explained that too many adults have complained about children being loud and not behaving well.

She also asked Lance how old he was and he told her he was seven. She was surprised he was alone.

When Lance walked out he was very unhappy but then he saw Mark Ludwig walk by. Mark noticed Lance wasn't happy and he asked why.

When Lance said they threw him out of Denny's Mark was furious and took Lance in and told the hostess he would be his guardian.

The hostess asked Mark how old he was and Mark told her he wasn't going to answer and if she didn't serve him and his young friend, he would put a bad review on social media. The manager came out and seated them.

Lance and Mark both ordered the chicken fried steak with gravy along with side veggies and bread.

Lance quickly guzzled down the coke that a waitress brought him.

Mark stated "I've never seen a seven-year-old guzzle a soda down that fast."

Lance told Mark sternly "don't tell my parents about it."

Lance pulled out his phone and pulled up YouTube. He typed in Marduk then began playing the album Those Of The Unlight.

Mark told him "turn that down it's a bit loud."

After Lance stopped the music on his phone then Mark asked him "what was that you were listening to?"

Lance answered "Marduk."

Mark had never heard of that band and Lance giggled then told him "stupid people think they're Nazis."

Mark said "shh do you want us to get kicked out?"

Lance shook his head side to side.

Suddenly Mark's phone dinged and when he looked he saw a text from Karen Colbert.

Mark texted her back to let her know he was at Denny's with Lance.

Mark then asked Lance what his phone number was. After he added Lance to his contacts he forwarded his information and Karen's information to Lance.

Karen was surprised when she got a text from Lance saying "I'm with Mark at Denny's. This Denny's sucks because they won't let kids in without grownups. Luckily Mark was passing by after they threw me out so he was able to get me back in."

Karen texted back "Lance OMG!"

Lance closed his text app and put his phone in his jacket pocket.

Two young girls walked into the door and the hostess told both they were too young to be allowed in without parents.

They complained but the hostess insisted on the Denny's policy.

They both left angrily and Lance said "one of those girl's gave the middle finger to that lady who told them they had to leave."

Mark replied "good for her, I can't believe this discrimination is allowed."

Lance asked Mark "what if the restaurant manager pees in a glass and then brings it out to someone and tells them 'here's your orange juice?"

Mark replied "shh let's hope the manager doesn't do that."

10 minutes later the waitress brought out their food.
Lance was so hungry he ate fast. Mark was surprised to hear Lance tell him "this is my breakfast. I kind of just ordered what you ordered."

Mark confirmed this was his lunch.

1 hour later.

Lance opened his front door and slammed it shut and said "mom I want to see an R-rated movie where at least 50 people get killed."

Tina snapped "certainly not and what are you so angry about?"

Lance answered "well when I got to Denny's first they wouldn't let me in because I was an unaccompanied child. Apparently they can discriminate against kids but God forbid you tell a creepy trans-rhino they can't read to kids."

Tina snapped "transgender and I'm sorry you didn't get to eat."

Lance corrected Tina "I got to eat because right after the hostess said I had to leave Mark Ludwig was walking by so that was a real stroke of luck for me. I asked him to be my guardian."

Tina was surprised and shouted "oh he saved the day then."

Lance told her "yes he did but do you know what he did after the waitress brought our food and we began eating?"

Tina asked "what did he do?"

Lance answered "well first he mentioned that I should behave because it's important for kids to make a good impression in restaurants now days because kids have a bad rap."

Tina smiled and told Lance "well that's a good thing for him to remind you of good manners in a restaurant."

Lance looked at her with bright eyes and told her "well you won't believe what he did not long after that."

Tina asked "what did he do after that?"

When the waitress came to our table to ask us how we were doing Mark said "we're doing great and did you know this kid just had his appendices out not long ago so make sure you don't serve his appendices on a customer's plate."

"Oh my goodness" Tina exclaimed then Lance told her a woman walking by reacted to his comment. She yelled 'oh my God that would be so horrifying to see a child's appendices served on a dinner plate' then she threw up on the floor."

Tina exclaimed "you're kidding!"

Lance told her he wasn't kidding and then the manager came out and screamed at our waitress to clean it up before the lunch crowd came in but then not even 10 seconds later a big crowd came through the door. They saw the filthy floor and they lost their appetite."

Tina groaned "the things teenagers will do."

Lance told his mother sternly "I'm not mad at Mark I'm mad that they wouldn't let me in because of my age and that's the only thing I'm mad about."

Lance went upstairs and began blasting Marduk's 1993 Album Those Of The Unlight.

The End

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