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this poem is a representation of a toxic relationship
The fire
I was silent and warm
I never moved anywhere
I had my special place in the fireplace under the mantle
I kept your house warm
You used just enough wood
That would keep me alive
But you knew that I was hungry for more
You tortured me very slowly
You feared that the more wood I got the more powerful I'd become
You would sit by me every night
who knows where you were coming from
You thought I'd always be the little fire that would warm up your house
You used and abused me
Until one day my friend
My dear old friend gas leaked in your house
That's when i was wild and free
The humiliation and torture
Was finally over
And now it was time for revenge
I burnt down the house you had built
With your own hands
Over the years with so much dedication
When you came back
You brought coldness from the outside with yourself
Just like the old times
But this time I was gone
You were left with the debris of the burnt house
It was my gift to you

-the fire that is now free
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