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Don't go blaming people who weren't involved.
Cassius sat peacefully on the couch with his novel and warm cup of tea. He was blissfully unaware of the person creeping up behind him. The moment that Cassius set his book on the table, Lidia poured a bucket of ice water down his back.

The vampire jumped out of his seat and turned to face the younger vampire, “Lidia! What was that for?!”

She looked at him innocently and asked, “What was what for?”

Cassius crossed his arms and asked again in a stern tone, “Why, did you pour water down my back?”

Just as Cassius finished speaking, Ian emerged from the bedroom in his pajamas. Lidia smirked and pointed at Ian, “It was his idea!”

Ian furrowed his brows at Lidia’s accusation. “Huh?”

The vampire had a puzzled look on his face and then a devious smirk when he said, “Oh really? I suppose I should punish him then.”

The hunter flinched and shook his head. “No. I didn’t do whatever she said I did.”

Cassius shook his head and approached Ian. “I don’t know about that~” He scooped the struggling Ian into his arms. “I wanted to do this anyway.”

Ian had tearing eyes when he shouted to Lidia, “This is your fault! How could youu-” He was cut off when Cassius closed the bedroom door.

The young vampire stood in the living room pondering if she should save Ian or go home. Lidia shrugged her shoulders, grabbed her stuff and mumbled, “Imma just go home.” She left, leaving the house alone for the couple.

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